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Transform Your Body And Mind With A Few Simple Changes
A Happier, Healthier Life Is Waiting!
A Few Simple Changes Can Make a Huge Difference! 
A Few Simple Changes Can Make a Huge Difference! 
How Are You Feeling Right Now? 
Stuck, frustrated and ready to give up on your health goals? 
Are you exhausted, bloated and tired of not feeling great? 
Do you wish you could feel confident in your clothes and excited about your life?

Let’s be honest. We all lead busy lives and it can be hard and overwhelming to even think of living a healthy lifestyle and preparing healthy meals.

It leads many opting for the quick fixes that cause you to lose weight and simply gain it back because that lifestyle is too hard to maintain.  

What if feeling and looking your best is easier than you think?  

How Are You Feeling Right Now? 
Stuck, frustrated and ready to give up on your health goals? 
Are you exhausted, bloated and tired of not feeling great? 
Do you wish you could feel confident in your clothes and excited about your life?

Let’s be honest. We all lead busy lives and it can be hard and overwhelming to even think of living a healthy lifestyle and preparing healthy meals.

It leads many opting for the quick fixes that cause you to lose weight and simply gain it back because that lifestyle is too hard to maintain.  

What if feeling and looking your best is easier than you think?  

What if...
  • You can find a way to feel healthy & happy that doesn’t take up a lot of time or require hours at the gym.
  •  You can feel satisfied all the time, enjoy amazing food, and even some of your favourite treats.
  •  You can wake up full of energy, take back your health, and totally love your life!
  • You can feel calm and centered in your mind, ready for life’s challenges and rewards.
The Good News Is
There Is An Easier Way!
And It's Not About...
  • Quick Fixes
  •  Restricting Carbs
  •  Counting Calories
  •  Depriving Yourself
  •  Protein Powders, Shakes, or Supplements
  •  Exercising More
  •  Measuring Portions
  •  Intense Workouts
We Are Sooo... Tired Of All Of That Aren't We?
I don’t know about you, but I simply refuse to live in a world without fruits, vegetables, pasta, pizza, chocolate, and of course a (very) happy hour, from time to time!

Add to the mix the overwhelming information out there about how we should eat! 
Low Calorie. Low Carb. Gluten Free. Organic. Paleo.

And if that’s not enough, there’s also the pressure to be perfect ourselves. I’m telling you today to love the body you live in! You are perfect just the way you are and I am here to support you in whatever your goals are.

Don’t you think it’s time to take a different approach? An approach that’s not just about losing weight, but also about losing the mindset and habits that got you there? An approach that is about being healthy, increasing energy, preventing aches and pains, and preventing disease. An approach that is a true lifestyle change….one that lasts forever!

I have spent a large part of the past 20 years trying to sort out my nutrition and have made a lot of progress over the past couple of years turning to a diet based on consuming whole foods. I found myself in a bit of a rut and was thrilled with my results with Zen Beach Life. I feel well nourished and have noticed my hair and nails look better than ever. I don't feel hungry or have intense cravings anymore either! I also love that the plan is not restrictive or rigid. I lost 12lbs in 6 weeks (even with fairly regular indulgences). The recipes Laura shared were big hits, even with my picky children and husband! I am looking forward to continuing with this way of feeding my body!
Julie Adams, Sarnia, Ontario
Welcome To Zen Beach Life
Where we are committed to helping you live a healthy lifestyle in a way that is simple, fun, and time efficient!
This is probably a great time to introduce myself...
Hi - I’m Laura Cicchini! I’m a wife, mother, nutritional coach, and recipe creator! I didn’t always find it easy though to maintain my health and instill those same habits in my family.  
I used to be a hardcore fitness chick...haha...before kids. I thought that was the only way to maintain a healthy body and feel great.  

After having my kids I was left 25 pounds overweight and struggling to even make it to the gym at all. Even as they got older, I just didn’t want to leave them and slave away at the gym for hours. I tried everything to lose the baby weight that had now been stuck on me for a few years - I tried eating "clean" by limiting carbs, eating a lot of protein, and of course, protein shakes. One program that I was on had me taking 11 supplements per day! It just didn’t feel right that I needed to be consuming all of this “stuff” made in a lab to stay healthy????  

It was when I furthered my education in nutrition and how food works in the body that I quickly realized I was using the wrong approach. It wasn’t about limiting carbs or bulking up on protein. I was so relieved that I could start eating fruit again, and enjoy a bowl of pasta! Yes!!!! 

It was all about making the correct choices and focusing on how foods went into my body to support healthy digestion. The digestive system is so closely related to when it is in amazing shape, everything else in the body just follows, including weight loss!

I adopted everything that I had learned and I easily lost those 25 pounds! My hubby Bill went on this journey with me and had the same results. My skin tone and texture, hair, and energy levels are far better now than they were in my early twenties! 

I also learned that all of those seriously hard workouts at the gym were doing more harm than good….Exercising too hard causes your body to be in a state of stress and hang on to fat as a survival mechanism…..YIKES!!!! No wonder I was having trouble losing the weight through exercise!

Over The Last Couple Of Years I Have Worked With Many Women To Improve Their Health, Happiness, And Habits; What I Found Over The Years Was That These Women All Shared The Same Struggles And I Saw A Few Common Hurdles!
  •  They had all tried many programs before that left them gaining the weight back or more.
  •  They wanted to start eating real food again instead of shakes all day, and then baked chicken and broccoli for dinner. Yes I can understand that the slab of meat and broccoli would get boring each night!
  •  They wanted to stop wasting so much time and energy trying to figure it all out for themselves. They wanted help and a clear plan.
  •  They wanted a plan that was easy to follow and fun that included amazing food.
  •  They wanted to indulge in treats and not feel guilty about it.
  •  They wanted a way to reduce stress and bring peace in their lives.
  •  They wanted to instill healthy habits in their families and children.
Is This Sounding Familiar?
As I saw the success that my past clients were having with a new healthy lifestyle, that was easy to follow and non-restrictive, I knew I wanted to create something more accessible and affordable for ALL women. 
This Is Why I Came Up With 
The Zen Beach Life Membership
And Now I Am Ready To Share It With YOU!
This membership is about creating a lifestyle by making a few simple changes at your own pace.  

It’s about reducing your stress and choosing smarter, simpler ways.

It’s about meeting you where you are and then helping you take that next step in a better direction, and helping you get to where you want to go. 

This is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced with amazing support, care, and coaching!

And Guess What?
It Won't Take Long To See Huge Improvements In How You Feel!
I have thoroughly enjoyed this transition with Zen Beach Life. The food TASTES so great. I am feeling good and for years have been trying to grow my hair but it would only get to a certain point and then seemed to stop. Guess what??????? It's growing lol. We as a family have enjoyed ALL of the recipes that we have tried...not one was disliked. However, there are never any leftovers! It has been such a great transition and we will be continuing on with this "new" lifestyle. I am really happy to get away from the protein powders and protein bars. They always seemed so unnatural to me. Now that we are used to making these recipes, they are easy to whip up and everyone helps in the kitchen which is a bonus. All in all, it has been a great change for us. We actually enjoy food!!!!!! Feel free to pass on any exciting new recipes lol!!
Kim Leyten, Arkona, Ontario
Here’s How It Works:

Zen Beach Life has a distinct success path to follow and you will be guided as to where you should start. There are 3 different starting points depending on where you are in your journey so you don’t feel overwhelmed. You’ll even be able to track your progress!

Time To Cleanse
Time To Revitalize
Time To Shine
Each stage has its own core training (which includes nutrition information and short videos) to provide you the basics! Don’t’s all in bite-sized chunks because I know you’re busy! And the beauty is you can take it at your own pace because it will ALWAYS be available to you.

Then Each Month, The Members Area Is Updated With:
A New Meal Plan And Grocery List So You Don’t Have To Fret About What To Make For Dinner! Trust Me I Understand What A Huge Relief That Will Be All By Itself!
A New Recipe Book That Provides Delicious And Super Nutritious Plant-Based Recipes, Along With A New Smoothie And Snack Section In Each Book!
An Optional Monthly Challenge! Every Month We Set A Gentle Monthly Challenge That We All Work On Together Through The Support Of Our Facebook Group! Whether It’s Drinking More Water Or Adding 5 Minutes Of Meditation To Your Day!

New Yoga Videos Provided To You From My Hubby (AKA Master Yogi) Bill! These Are Beginner-Intermediate Sequences That Will Enhance Energy Flow In The Body And Bring Peace Into Your Day. You Will Master These Sequences By The End Of The Month!
As A Member You'll Also Have:
Exclusive access to our Facebook family that is a safe area to ask questions to the group or privately message me! This is a safe space where you can ask anything, share ideas, swap secrets or just confess when that guilt sets in. I am very active in the group to provide support as best as I can! 

Regular Live Q&A sessions where I can answer any of your questions and address some hot topics!

The Benefits You Will Receive From Being A Member:
  •  Clarity Around Food
  •  Seriously Delicious Food
  •  Less Bloating And Improved Digestion
  •  More Time And Energy
  •  Weight Loss
  •  A Perfectly Organized Laid Out Plan
  •  Improved Skin, Hair, And Nails
  •  A Loving And Supportive Community
This Is What Current Members Have To Say!
Jenny - Zen Beach Life Member
Zen Beach Life has changed the way I think about food. For years I have stressed about portions and limiting carbs, but now understand there are much easier ways to go about healthy living! I quickly started to feel better mentally and physically by following the tips and tricks in the plan. I thoroughly enjoyed the recipes, and was surprised to hear my "meat and potato" Fiancé say, "You can make that again!"  
Marissa V., Brights Grove, Ontario
Am I Locked Into A Contract?
No! You can opt out at any time!
I’m SO New To Whole Foods & Healthy Living. Is This Membership Right For Me?
It was made for you! I meet you where you are and provide advice for all levels. You can take it at your own pace!
How Long Will It Be Until I See Results?
I am super skeptical of any program that guarantees life change within a set time! Our lives are different and you don’t need another deadline to hit or judge yourself by. Slow and steady wins the race!
Is This New Lifestyle Going To Send My Grocery Bill Through The Roof?
Definitely not! You will actually be saving money because you won’t be buying supplements and powders, and you will learn organization and planning skills that save you money. You will also be buying less meat since I give tonnes of vegetarian ideas.
Your Investment!
This is a very special offer! Here at Zen Beach Wellness, we are focused completely on you and your success. For that reason, we only open our doors a couple times a year. For ONLY $20 per month you can have it all!

That is LESS than the cost of a take-out meal for your family, and you will gain full access to the Zen Beach Life Membership!

AND the best part of it all is, you will be locked in at this rate FOREVER!!!
Limited Time Only!
Registration is only open until November 16th, and then we close it down so my focus can totally shift to serving and supporting YOU in your health goals! We won't be opening up for a few more months from now. You don't want to wait until after the quickly approaching Holidays to be a part of such an amazing and supportive community!

So are you ready to feel better and do better for yourself and for those around you? Are you ready to bring your best and happiest self to the world?
It would be an absolute honour to welcome you into the Zen Beach Life Community and help you on the way to a life full of energy, health, and vitality!
Let’s get started!

Laura XO
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