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Hi there! I’m Laura Cicchini!  I’m a wife, mother, nutritional coach, and recipe creator!  I’m dedicated to helping real people transition to a healthy lifestyle in all aspects…one that focuses on eating A LOT of amazing foods instead of restrictions and quick-fixes!

I didn’t always find it easy though, to maintain my health and instill these same habits in my family.  Then a few simple changes totally changed my life (and it didn’t involve protein shakes, low carb craziness and hours at they gym!) Yippee!  Honestly who wants to live like that?

I knew deep in my core that there had to be a better way.

I knew that there had to be a way to live a healthy lifestyle where I didn’t have to take supplements, bulk up on protein, banish carbs forever, and beat my body up in the gym.

Instead I chose to love my body and most importantly be kind to my body.  And then….magical things started to happen!

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Here’s a bit about me and why I’m so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t leave you feeling deprived, overwhelmed, and pressed for time!

I’m currently 39, and a mother of two wonderful kids, Ava and Adam, age 13 and 9.  I’m in a busy stage of my life right now, but a stage that I absolutely love!  They require a lot of my time and attention….between helping out with homework, driving them to activities, making meals, lending a caring ear, laundry, or simply hanging out and watching our favourite T.V. shows!  

I’ve always had a passion for fitness.  I started working out in my late teens and carried those habits through my twenties.  I would work out hard, sometimes twice a day, and I really loved it!  After I had my kids though, my weight became a struggle.  I had lost most of what I had gained during my pregnancies….BUT….I was still about 25 pounds heavier than I wanted to be. 

I tried eating “clean” by limiting carbs, eating a lot of protein, and of course protein shakes.  One program that I was on had me taking 11 supplements per day!  It just didn’t feel right that I needed to be consuming all of this “stuff” made in a lab to stay healthy?  I tried working out hard again, but now time was an issue, and the weight loss was just not happening even with intense workouts.

I furthered my education in nutrition and how food works in the body and I quickly realized I was using the wrong approach.  It wasn’t about limiting carbs or bulking up on protein.  I was so relieved that I could start eating fruit again, and enjoy a bowl of pasta! Yes!!!!

It was all about making the correct choices and focusing on how foods went into my body to support healthy digestion.

The digestive system is so closely related to everything….so when it’s in amazing shape, everything else in the body just follows, including weight loss. It actually happens easily and effortlessly without much thought.

I adopted all the new principles that I learned and I easily lost those 25 pounds and more!  My hubby Bill went on this journey with me and had the same results.  My skin tone and texture, hair, and energy levels are far better now than they were in my early twenties! 

I also learned that all of those seriously hard workouts at the gym were doing more harm than good.  Exercising too hard causes your body to be in a state of stress and hang on to fat as a survival mechanism…..YIKES!!!!  No wonder I was having trouble losing the weight through exercise!

This is why I created the Zen Beach Life Membership.

I’ve helped many one-on-one clients lose weight and improve their overall health….  But I wanted to find a way to make this affordable for every woman because I believe there’s so much more to life than stressing about food and workouts.  We can all do it differently with a kinder approach, and we can do it together!

I am beyond excited and honoured to join you wherever you are in your journey and help you move along our success path!

Love Laura xx

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