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Receive my FREE Simple Changes Guide that will provide you with 3 simple changes that will improve your digestion, reduce bloating, increase energy, promote weight loss, and improve your skin!  It also includes my family’s number 1 recipe!

Hi there! I’m Laura Cicchini…

I’m a wife, mother, nutritional coach, and recipe creator!  I’m dedicated to helping real people transition to a healthy lifestyle in all aspects…one that focuses on eating A LOT of amazing foods instead of restrictions and quick-fixes!

I didn’t always find it easy though, to maintain my health and instill these same habits in my family.  Then a few simple changes totally changed my life (and it didn’t involve protein shakes, low carb craziness and hours at they gym!) Yippee!  Honestly who wants to live like that?

Zen Beach Life Manifesto:

  • We believe that living a healthy lifestyle should be easy and fun… you shouldn’t have to feel deprived, hungry, or full of cravings. Life is way too short for that!

  • We believe in eating A LOT of amazing food that is balanced which includes carbs, fruits, and even sweet treats!  No low-carb plans here!

  • We believe that when health is your primary focus, everything else follows, including a healthy weight, great energy, glowing skin, and happy moods!

  • We believe in the power of REAL FOOD, and more plant-based food, to improve digestion which leads to a healthier YOU!

  • We believe in moving your body in a way that you love whether that be yoga, a walk, or simply dancing in the kitchen! (You should always choose dancing in the kitchen!)

  • We believe in being kind to ourselves and our bodies, which ultimately reduces stress and leads to better health. We believe in more time and energy because of a perfectly organized and laid out plan!

Benefits of living a Zen Beach Life


Delicious Food

Improved Digestion

Less Stress

More Energy

Weight Loss


Amazing Community

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What Others Are Saying

I Tried Everything until I Met Laura

Throughout my life, I have tried many different ways to lose weight and have always ended up right where I started. With the help of this plan, I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food.  This is the first time I was able to stop thinking about weight loss and start thinking that I was learning to change my life.  I am pleased to say that I have lost weight and continue to lose more, but most importantly I have more energy and feel great everyday. Thank you!

Dayna BWyoming, Ontario

I left feeling completely refreshed

Zen Beach Life has changed the way I think about food. For years I have stressed about portions and limiting carbs, but now understand there are much easier ways to go about healthy living! I quickly started to feel better mentally and physically by following the tips and tricks in the plan. I thoroughly enjoyed the recipes, and was surprised to hear my “meat and potato” fiancé say, “You can make that again!”

Marissa V.Brights Grove, Ontario

Invest in Yourself

Zen Beach Life has been a wonderful lifestyle change and experience! It  has been great in the sense that it’s simple to follow, my family enjoys the recipes, and Laura’s tips made a big difference in staying organized and saving time. My energy has improved, my nails are in the best shape I have ever seen them, and I have lost weight. This has been the best decision I have made for a positive healthy life, thank you!

Leanne F.Wyoming, Ontario

Changing your life can be simple

When I signed up for the Zen Beach Life plan I was scared. I ate a lot of takeout and sandwiches. I never cooked.  I just made a decision that I really needed to buckle down and do this for my health.  Guess what? I cook now!  The recipes are easy and tasty and the support that’s provided is priceless. I’ve lost 16 pounds, my blood pressure is down, and overall I feel better. For me this is a lifestyle change.  Thanks so much!

Laura B.Sarnia, Ontario